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Our electric retractable pergolas are the ultimate in convenience. They provide both shelter from the elements and beautiful sky views, all this electronically controlled at the simple touch of a button. 

All our Pergolas are made from 100% aluminium offering the finest in contemporary style and longevity. 

Together we can transform your garden into an enjoyable space that you can use all year round; it will quickly become an enhanced haven for relaxation, or the perfect space for entertaining!  
Make it work for you, add side screens, heating, lighting and even more fabulous accessories – what’s not to love.

Our pergolas are packed full of innovative and unique features!

  • Clever construction means no visible screw heads throughout the build, creating a clean, sleek and modern aesthetic
  • Integrated omni-directional gutters – no overflow even in heavy rain fall. Integrated guttering adds strength to the pergola structure. 
  •  Zero leak guarantee when adding side panels or glass, due to our innovative construction methods.
  • Hidden louvre control strips create an improved aesthetic over the competition.
  • Possibility to add  heaters to the pergola structure, with cables being hidden through cleverly positioned channels. This means no effect is had by external weather such as rain, snow or hail. 

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